Art About Abuse  

The Mending Collection

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The Mending Collection is a thought provoking permanent collection of contemporary works by artists using creativity as a form of therapy for domestic abuse trauma.

Created as a means of sharing ideas and experiences about important issues related to domestic abuse and its effects on mental health, the collection encourages reflection of both the internal journey of coping with life-impacting effects of trauma and the role of art in the therapeutic healing process of self-transformation.

We want to share the power of visuals with the world so if you have a specific idea for an exhibition or event for which you would like to use the collection, please do get in touch. We also offer an ongoing submissions policy so if you are an artist and think your work may be of interest to the collection, send us an email with a short biography and three examples of your work and we will get back to you.

All Artworks are available for loan and fees are negotiable.

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Artist Grace Morgan

I was an unwanted child. Born in 1960 to an old mother that continuously reminded me I was an accident. This deep sorrow and pain caused me to search for love with people that were unable to love me.

I'm 57, a mother of four incredible adults that live their lives as the people they were born to be.

Each day I wake up and navigate just for today. I'm an artist, a realist. I do my best to live authentically. Art keeps me sane and gives me the ability to breathe another day.