Arts Against Abuse is a creative organisation seeking to raise awareness about the myriad forms of domestic abuse through outreach events, the arts and media.

Our philosophy is that effective relief from domestic abuse requires a multifaceted approach: providing sustaining funds for domestic abuse services, imparting creative reintegration skills to survivors, supporting the emotional and mental wellbeing of victims and survivors through unique and accessible arts based activities and installing preventative measures by educating our communities and young people.

Arts Against Abuse addresses these key factors using the creative arts as both a tool for visual communication and springboard for safer, happier futures.

We seek to alleviate stigma and secrecy surrounding victims using the visual arts by way of public interactive instillations and photographic media campaigns, both providing a platform and voice for Victims.

Words by Imogen Paton (founder)

Community Interactive Art Car

Community Interactive Art Car


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See our wonderful art 

See our wonderful art 


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